Brow & Lash Treatments

Eyebrows frame the face. Very much like a picture without a solid frame, the face without a full brow is incomplete. Come in and let us start by examining your face to determine the most effective shape, angle, and thickness of your eye brow for maximum beauty impact.
Using methods that include waxing, tweezing, threading or — more permanently, electrolysis — a shape is artfully created to enhance your eyes and facial features. Visit us today for a free consultation and learn why the “eyes have it!”


Brow & Lash Treatment

Brow and Lash Treatment — $15.00
Whatever is necessary to highlight the brow shape — waxing; threading; tweezing; or a combination

Lash Extensions
Semi-Permanent — $40.00
Temporary — $15.00

Brow — $13.00
Lash — $15.00